Minggu, 28 Juli 2013

Cerita yang Rada Aneh (Ini Random hahaa)

Cerita oke hahaa

Halo pembaca! Jumpa kembali bersama saya, Seorang, di pos yang lain hahaa. Kali ini saya akan mengepos tentang sebuah cerita. Ini cerita cuma sepenggal, ga jadi, tapi menurut saya konsepnya lumayan bagus. Tiba2 kepikiran nulis sih soalnya hahaa. Yah, monggo dibaca lah, semoga menikmati :P.

Rabu, 15 Mei 2013

暁の護衛 Trilogy Review

Akatsuki Banner
Well, as I have said in the previous post about レミニセンス, I would write another post about 暁の護衛. I have no plan actually at the beginning, it's just the hype about レミニセンス made me remember the hype about 暁の護衛 xD. 暁の護衛 actually is a trilogy, is in the process of Englishization by one of the translation team out there, and on top of that is godlike. It stands distinguishable from typical visual novels, because story of the trilogy mainly focuses on the male protagonist. Heroine routes serve to explain more about the male protagonist (either it is his 'hidden' hobby, favorite books, favorite music, etc. (lol)). Afterwards, the same formula is used by グリザイア trilogy, in which the story mainly revolves on the protagonist. How awesome is this trilogy actually? Tune in my review folks xD

Oncoming Apocalypse: レミニセンス

Banner sembarang

Hey folks! Long time no post, huh? Sorry for that, things have been busy in real life. I'm now starting my thesis, also I have my organisation thing and studies for end term exam, plus I have to plan for my journey to Paris :p. Do you folks have any recommendation on what to visit in Paris? Help me by commenting in this post :p. Anyway, are you ready for the upcoming Visual Novel Barrage end of this month? I am not wakakakaka. But hey, I just discovered a hidden jewel! I have a premonition that this title is going to be a big thing. For one, this title seems to carry the same spiritual as 暁の護衛, one of my favorite visual novel ever. Most importantly, the protagonist seems to be the same type as 暁の護衛's that is badass (a punk that quickly resort to violence, never listens to others, but obsessed in reading book in his free time (lol combination)). Apparently the レミニセンス staffs are the same as 暁の護衛's, so this going to be awesome. How will this title fare? Let's first see some information about this title :D

Senin, 29 April 2013

Change of Pace: Austria

o ye
Hello again everyone! Meet again with me, Seorang, on another post. Today, I will tell you a story of my travelling experience. The experience has been long in the past though, it was in winter last year. I just haven't been able to find a good time to write this post (or...'get in the groove' xD) until now, so I just write it now ^o^

As you folks have been able to predict from the title, this post theme will be about: Austria!! A country dear to classical music lovers and instrumental music lovers, this country has a lot of history regarding music. Unfortunately I was only able to cover Wien, unable to go to other big city in Austria called Salzburg. Nevertheless the city was very fascinating and especially since I went there in the christmas eve, I was able to experience the winter market there xD. Moreover, it was a white christmas! xD

Tune to it folks! xD

Sabtu, 27 April 2013

Sengoku Rance Review

It was a great adventure! After playing for hours (I think it was 20 hour-ish), I beat Sengoku Rance true route just minutes ago. It was a great game, just at the right difficulty with a very rewarding outcome at the end, great story, and very entertaining. A totally must play!

Sengoku Rance has been translated to English, so non-native Japanese speakers enjoy ^o^